• Don't oversleep a proper pension - start saving now!

    Don't oversleep a proper pension - start saving now!

    The longer you put off, the less money you'll have during old age.

    • Start retirement savings under 3rd pillar
    • Make sure your 2nd pillar pension plan is managed by Swedbank.
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  • Treat yourself to romantic holidays!

    Credit card holders enjoy special privileges in February – discounts on romantic SPA gateways across the Baltics, restaurant meals, flowers and other bargain offers.

    Offer valid until 29 February.

    If you don’t have a Swedbank credit card yet, find out more about credit cards.

  • Careful – slippery!

    Feeling safer with a bucket of sand on slippery sidewalks? For more safety, use Trauma Supplementary Insurance!

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  • When you take on liabilities, insure them!

    We will help paying off your credit card debt in case of a sudden drop or halt in your income.

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  • Take advantage of your savings!

    Make use of the opportunity to get the maximum tax refund of 23% of your contributions to the 3rd pillar pension or life insurance with savings by making additional contributions to these savings still this year.

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