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Swedbank travel insurance for a great trip!

Relax fully during your trip by entrusting your safety to Swedbank travel insurance!

  • Insured active leisure without additional fee (for example, insurance for skiing or snowboarding on official slopes, mountain hiking, diving to a depth of up to 10 m and other activities)
  • For a complete peace of mind, insure your personal belongings
  • Travel or transport disruption risk coverage will protect you against extra expenses associated with changes in transport (or trip) time schedule/route

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Calculate how much does costs travel insurance!

Insurance period
  • Incl. the European part of Russia, plus the United Arab Emirates, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Egypt, Georgia, Israel, the Canary Islands, Cyprus, Morocco, Tunisia, and Turkey.

The sums insured are for one insured person per one insured event

Medical assistance
500 000
Accidental death and disability
10 000
Personal belongings
Travel or Transport Disruption
Liability and legal aid

Additional cover

Age of insured persons

The calculated insurance premium is informative.

Number of days
Number of insured
Insurance PremiumFinal insurance premium:

Why choose Swedbank Travel Insurance?

Travel or Transport Disruption

Add the Travel or Transport Disruption cover to your policy and protect yourself against extra expenses associated with changes in transport (or trip) time schedule / route if caused by:

  • a natural calamity (such as snowstorm, fog, etc.)
  • technical reasons
  • family members' health problems

Extra cover

Invaluable in case:

  • you arrive at the ski resort, but the skiing slope is closed due to sudden and unexpected weather conditions
  • your own or rented skiing and snowboarding equipment gets damaged during the trip
  • it becomes no longer worthwhile to continue the journey due to long delays in trips by airplane, train or ship

Personal Belongings insured for the whole duration of travel

Personal belongings (e.g. wallet, passport, clothes, phone) and luggage are insured for the whole duration of travel, plus no matter where you are.

Included in policy without surcharge:

  • Diving to a depth of 10 metres
  • Leisure cycling
  • Mountain hiking up to 4500m
  • Sailing and boating in inland and coastal waters
  • Other Activities
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For extra safety, you can upgrade your policy with:

Insurance claim

For assistance during and after your travel, contact Swedbank Insurance claim handling specialists.