Internet bank

You may log on to the Internet bank with the help of: Code card

Upon logging on to the Internet bank, you, as the User, are prompted to enter the User code, permanent password and a specific code from your code card. These means of identification are issued to you when you apply for electronic banking services at a branch of the bank.

The code card contains 72 six-digit codes. Every time you log on to the Internet bank you will be prompted to enter one of the identification codes from your code card. Do not use the code card for writing down your permanent password or User code.

Should your permanent password become known to any third party, contact Customer Support Service immediately by dialling 67444444 and cancel your user rights until you receive a new password.

Keep your password secret, for the Internet bank automatically presumes that the person logging on to the bank is you. The instructions given to the bank during a log-on session with correctly entered passwords and codes are considered your instructions and will be duly performed.

You may log on to the Internet bank with the help of: Code calculator

The Code Calculator is an electronic device whereby the customer may identify himself/herself for the purposes of using electronic banking services either at the Internet bank or Telephone Bank.

Code Calculator User Manual

When using the Code Calculator as the log-on means for the Internet bank, you are asked to insert the User Code and an 8-digit code generated by the Code Calculator for the user identification purposes. The access code generated by the Code Calculator is generated once, in real time and is valid for a restricted period of time. Thus, even if it becomes known to any third party, he/she will not be able to use it anymore.

The Bank recommends using the Code Calculator for customers whose payment amounts exceed EUR 4500.

The Code Calculator is linked to the particular User. This implies that when using several services at the same time (for example, Swedbank Internet Banking, Swedbank internet bank for business clients and Telephone Bank), you may use one Code Calculator for all these services Code Calculator.

Identification by eID card

Internet banking can be accessed by using: eID card

In this case in order yo log in the user will require:

  • User ID number which contains 6 or 7 digits and and can be found in the "Remote banking services agreement". User ID is issued when a persona is registering for remote services in a branch of the bank.
  • PIN of eID card. Each eID card user is issued PIN codes in a closed envelope when he is receiving his eID at Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs, once the agreement on certification services has been signed.

If you are using Swedbank Internet banking with a code card or a code token and now you want to do the same with eID card, you can manage that without additionally visiting the bank branch. Your code card or token can be used simultaneously with eID card and you can use either of them.

What is required to access Swedbank Internet banking with eID card?

  1. Order eID card with the electronic signature certificate
  2. Buy the card reader, for example in any of these stores
  3. Set up your computer for work with the eID card

The services of secure electronic signature are being provided by the LVRTC (The State Joint-Stock Company "Latvia State Radio and Television Centre"). Please address your questions about the use of secure eSignature in your eID card by e-mail, by asking on forum or by calling 67018989.

If your PIN or PUK were revealed to another person we strongly advise to immediately suspend your eID card certificates by calling 67018989. To suspend eID as a personal ID document, please contact OCMA without delay and visit the nearest OCMA service centre.

Internet Banking means banking in your personal computer or mobile phone at any time from anywhere in the world. Once logged in, you can keep track of your cash flow, pay bills, make other payments, purchase various banking services, ask the bank questions and receive replies, etc.

How can I get Internet Banking user account?

To use the Internet Banking service, first you need to go to your nearest Swedbank branch to sign the Remote Banking Services Agreement and receive the means of identification (authentication).

Terms of Remote Banking Services

Where can I find the user number and the details of my limits?

  • The user number and the details of limits are available only in the Remote Banking Services Agreement
  • For security reasons, this information is not accessible in Internet Banking

What means of authentication are available for Internet Banking?

Swedbank offers 3 types of identification:

If you wish to find out or modify the limits, please go to your nearest Swedbank branch.

Before going abroad, please make sure the limits are sufficient for your needs.

For security reasons, the code card and code calculator are issue and replaced only in person to the user at branches.

Before going abroad, please make sure that you have the necessary means of authentication and that they are valid.

Internet browsers supported by Swedbank

Internet Explorer
Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.0 and later version
Mozilla Firefox 3.0 and later version

If an older browser version is used for Internet Banking, information may be displayed incorrectly and minor glitches may be possible.

Internet Banking Security

Security in Internet Banking is bilateral - on the one part, it is ensured by Swedbank through constant development and monitoring of its electronic channels, and, on the other part, the user himself or herself takes care of safety of his or her computer and adheres to the principles of financial safety on the web.

  • Keeping username and password secret, storing the means of authentication at a location accessible to the user only;
  • Use of anti-viruses and security software;
  • Non-disclosure of details necessary for use of electronic services. It is important to keep in mind that the bank will never e-mail or call you to ask such data as Internet Banking password or codes from the code card or security token.
  • Further information about security solutions and safety measures.

It is only through joint effort that we can ensure safety of money.