• Mercedes Benz CLA 299,- EUR/month*

    A good leader trusts real values

    A car dealership right here on Internet Banking

    * 5-year operating lease, down payment - 20%, financing rate - 1.99% + EURIBOR, car's residual value - 35%, odometer reading limitation - 150,000 km. The calculated monthly payment is only illustrative and gives an approximate idea.

  • Fast payment = Card + POS terminal

    Fast payment = Card + POS terminal

    Receive the special POS offer and ensure your customer the option to pay by card!

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  • Business credit card

    Business credit card

    Extra funds for purchases and paying bills, convenient payments by making transfer from the credit card account.

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  • Smart-ID - the smartest key for Internet Banking

    Smart-ID - the smartest key for Internet Banking

    An innovation for logging in to Internet Banking using only your smart phone. For everyday situations, you can leave the code card at home!

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Business Network offers for corporate customers

  • Disc. 10%

    Graphic design

  • Disc. 10%

    Advertisement in social media

  • Tool

    Creat Your own online shop by yourself

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